Πέμπτη, 30 Αυγούστου 2012

Innamorato o Per te

   Confused & messed up...Yeah,don't worry we are confused,messed up in the sweetest knot ever..In the most soft silks & clothes..Messed up in LOVE..Not bounded down,I know that is not the more usual and easy way for a relationship..But babe we know that this can't be wrong,our feelings are much more powerful than the difficulties..The important one is the willing to dare & walk through the Garden of Love & Dreams,from the moment that we want it,we can fight & make our romance raise more,cause it has already be born and the name for it is "I'm in love with you"..That knot is of the more rare silks,it is a connection that goes beyond, it outreaches barriers,frontiers..My feelings can not go away,with you I'm completed.

 We both trade so many sweet,lovely words I mean each of them and when I say or write them to you is like saying the most simple thing on world,like saying to you that " 1+1=2 " but I want to reveal all those that exist deep within my heart. I do not "own" Love,I'm not God but I can sense,listen & experience her..with you..
I said you last night that it's like diving into the Ocean of all those that I feel for you,going down to bigger depths and realising how much "tiny" I am in front of that Ocean..But I don't fear, I'm not scared I want to continue swimming tu sei mio respiro Ι'm not afraid and soon I will see you mio tesoro..In all that blackness you shine bright !! Always you shined so much that I could not "see" you that you are the one for me when we first meet ..
  Really you can not be compared with anyone, now with you I'm realising so much "small" were my previous girls and I discover that my feelings are endless,without limits for you..Continuously I realise that I have a lot to discover..with you I'm becoming better..I want you mia stellina..Yes I'm acting like crazy..But I don't want to be closed at a psychological clinic,you are my necessary madness.. 
 I love you cause you look at me & see mia anima,you are talented,believe more in yourself...You know piccolina that I will be by your side & I will support you in every decision & difficulty and I will be pleased & happy everytime that you are also and when you are not I will make you ( I think that I can :P ) ..

  * Is it tragic ?!!! But you are the only ragazza that I have communicate so much and that I feel so comfortable to express all those that I want...  "Love is the ultimate outlaw. It just won't adhere to any rules. My love for you has no strings attached. I love you, I love you for free."  I don't use easy words like that,but with you now all is "new"...I thought that I was romantic and that I was in love before but honestly with you I feel so different,like I just felt that famous & desire feeling the one about it have been written most of the finest books..That feeling is love amorino mio !! I doubt now if I was previous in love because now with you dolcezza I feel so unico,if I had a "talent" to live my emotions in a powerful way now I live them 10000 times stronger.. I don't know what poems,songs,pictures to "offer" to you..They are some amazing but they can't describe you & what is within my heart & mind... I offer you myself 

  I wish to last all those that is happening..I believe it, I know as it concerns me that it can't fade away so easily..And you can't trust me 100% -it's your right and I will die for keep having it- but there is not a girl for me now..Who knows maybe you will meet someone after a while,you think...Yes maybe,but I can't "look" her as an amore..Cause already I have one..You!! Mio cuore .. 
I have it in the back in my head and the sad scenario,but it is not able to "touch" me,to "control" me.. Oh,where is my inspiration and this one I have told you..We will have our up's and down's,but we will continue to stand tall and always fix the situations..I love you crazily,ridicously,heavenly,for   f r e e ...I do not want exchanges,signatures & promises!!

There is not an othe sense,emotion like the one  which from July is "stucked" in the center of myself,in the sun of our own galaxy,in my heart..Which I respect her endlessly, use her too much,listen her much and don't ignoring her..

      Ι  seem weak when I write that you effect my life and that I consider you necessary..that you are my "addiction"..I seem also and ridiculous but I'm innamoroto and it is not correct to "judge" me by terms of realism only..Come on put on if you want (and can !!) and imagination, use your illusion,make your heart beat again in an  insane rhythm :)

    Yes I accept the fact that I'm a dreamer..And that I love "mind-travelling" and talking about Love,Immortality,Stars,Fairytales...But alone I'm whirling,mulinare in places,planets,universes dark,black,without any noise,name,without any sign of Life,just chaos and obsessed melancholy...With you I'm entering horizons with sweet sounds,with beautiful buildings,lakes,mountains,fields,animals..Yes maybe that dimension either have a name but it has not name cause there is not any word can describe it..


    componenti di questa scrittura muta : this song,that part ...  all those texts,sounds of our voice,expression of our hearts that translated into words that we have "trade",send from 14th of January and of course YOU ..DO I HAVE TO SAY IT?? IS NOT OBVIOUS THAT YOU ARE EVERYWHERE IN ANYTHING?? LIKE I SEE PHILOSOPHY AT MANY ASPECTS OF LIFE,LIKE I SEE JUVENTUS & THE PICCHIO IN OUR DAILY ROUTINE?? YOU ARE A LOVE OF ME NOW...TOGETHER WITH MY LOVE FOR TRUTH,PICCHIO..TOGETHER BUT UNICA AT THE SAME TIME, WITH MY LOVE FOR LOVE.. BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE TO ME..MIO CUORE,THE "WEAVER" OF MY DREAMS,MY FAVORITE HEADACHE,MIA RAGAZZA <3 Tu sei il componente più dolce e più importante della mia vita !!!  Ti amo tanto !! 

 -->  Sorry for writing in english..I'm not so good but my poor opinion is that I can express what I have to say..Something that you may not know about me is that when I start writing I was using english..When I read the sentence of G.Babiniotis (Mpampiniotis) that : "THERE ARE NOT WORST OR BETTER LANGUAGES,THERE ARE JUST DIFFERENT..PEOPLE" ..In such small sentence is contained all the greatness of human right & spirits..From the moment that I read it,I started using my mother language greek -I remember it amorino when I told you it at Skype...I miss you -

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  1. Τι όμορφα που γράφεις..
    Τι όμορφα που νιώθεις..
    Μ' αρέσει τόσο που δε φοβάσαι και παραδίδεις την ψυχή σου στον έρωτα..

    Και μια συμβουλή.. μη βασανίζεσαι με σκέψεις τύπου πόσο θα κρατήσει κλπ. Το ξέρουμε πως τίποτα (άντε, σχεδόν τίποτα, ας μην είμαι απόλυτη) δεν κρατά για πάντα. Ας είναι όμορφο και δυνατό όσο κρατήσει.. Και μακάρι να το παλέψετε για να κρατήσει πολύ πολύ καιρό ακόμα..

    Συνέχισε να ονειρεύεσαι! Να περνάς υπέροχα!
    Θα τα πούμε! :)

    Υ.Γ. Τι σχόλιο να κάνω τώρα για το βίντεο;
    Σ' ευχαριστώ!

  2. Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ για τα γλυκά σου λόγια ...
    Όχι δεν φοβάμαι να "παραδωθώ" στον Έρωτα..Αλλά δεν ήμουν πριν τόσο εκδηλωτικός (ίσως γιατί φοβόμουν να φανώ περίσσοτερο "τρελός" απ'ότι είμαι,ίσως γιατί δεν ήμουν εντεώς σίγουρος & προτιμώ να μείνω σιωπηλός απ'το να "πουλήσω" παραμύθια..)Τώρα αν δεν μιλήσω θα "σκάσω",δεν θα αντέξω..

    Και εγω και η αγαπητή μου αισθανόμαστε οτι "κάτι" δυνατό & πρωτόγνωρο αισθανόμαστε, αυτό το παραδεχόμαστε.. Η αλήθεια είναι οτι θέλω πολύ να κρατήσει.. Δεν μου αρέσουν τα μεγάλα λόγια, αλλά απ'την στιγμή που "στέκομαι" μαζί της πάει να πει οτι ενδιαφέρομαι,ανησυχώ για εκείνη & την θέλω.

    Να παραμείνεις ευδιάθετη & ερωτευμένη (και σχιζοφρενής!!).. Καλή συνέχεια & ναι θα τα πούμε !

    Ναι το λάτρεψα αυτό το βίντεο..Α,ρε Τομ Ρόμπινς..Αχ,βρε Τρυποκαρυδουλίνι τι μας έχεις κάνει;!!? :)


Έχεις τα πινέλα ανακάτεψε τα χρώματα & ζωγράφισε τον κόσμο ;-)